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Tea Of Shirakawaenhonpo

Introduction to our homepage and the online store

We, Shirakawaen-honpo Corporation, Ltd., make and sell "Shirakawa Tea", a specialty of Gifu prefecture. Our primary interest is to help our customers to lead healthy lives by drinking green tea.

The Mountain of Hida Gifu Pref.

The farmers who grow Shirakawa Teas take earnest care of their crops, in an environment with clear streams and gentle morning mists.

Our main product, "Organic Green Tea", especially meets very high standards as the teas are grown in a traditional style, using no agricultural chemicals.

Everyday, the harvested teas are turned into products at our factory. The process at the factory requires special experience and technique. Our staff who has acquired both works on the process produces high-quality and safe products. At our stores in Japan, customers are welcome to taste the teas for themselves.

Green Tea Farm.

Also, we try to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, while keeping the traditions. Some of our attempts can be represented by such products as "Bottled Green Tea" and "Green Tea Soap". We encourage our customers to provide feedbacks, as we wish to maintain close relationships with each customer.

We believe that, with the help of the internet, we can communicate more directly to our customers, and the voices we receive will enable us to improve our products. Thus, we, Shirakawaen-honpo Corporation, Ltd., can continue to provide delicious green teas.

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