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Tea Of Shirakawaenhonpo

Shirakawa Tea

Picture: Hida Mountain

The history of Shirakawa Tea dates back to more than 400 years ago. Since the old days, the taste and aroma of the tea have been valued highly by many tea-lovers. Shirakawa teas are grown on the cultivated slopes of high and steep mountains in the northernmost area for growing teas.

Because of this unique environment, the leaves are strong, but its flavour can be easily affected by the slightest changes in the climate and soil conditions. The favourable environment is a place between the mountains and facing a river. At such locations, moisture is high and the vapour from the river becomes mists as it hits the mountainside.

Picture: Kurokawa, Shirakawa-cho

Therefore, the morning mists from Shirakawa River and Hida river system and the forested mountains, where the atmospheric temperature differs greatly between the daytime and the nighttime, provide the optimum environment for growing teas.

Hida River




More on the Shirakawa Tea:

・ In the production process, the water from Kurobe mountain system, the Northern part of the Japan Alps, is used.

・ The teas are grown organically and the leaves are hand-picked since 1870, when our company was established.

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